Registered Nurse


"I'm an experienced RN and devoted caregiver to my almost 90 year old Dad. The experts at Nature's Love worked closely with me to find the right product and dose for my elderly Dad who was suffering from anxiety and pain in his muscles and joints that no prescription medication could address. After 10 days on the Hemp Extract my Dad's anxiety was all but gone, and he was moving with ease for the first time in years! All of this for pennies on the dollar compared to conventional meds. Thank you for an outstanding product!" Sarah H., RN

Personal Testimony

 "A personal testimony.  They put my wife on a nasty anti-depressant during her cancer treatments.  She wants off since they mess her up in a variety of ways.  The withdrawal symptoms today are pretty horrible.  She woke up in the middle of the night with nerves firing off all over, headache, twitchy muscles, anxiety.  I gave her a dropper full of tincture and within a few minutes she was calm enough to go back to sleep.  I could feel her relax.  I think we can mitigate the withdrawal symptoms with the CBD until she's through the worst of it." Greg W.

10 Stars

"I would give it another 10 stars if I could. This is good quality oil. I use it for joint pain and back pain and head ache. This is smooth. I do drops in my kambucha or in my coffee. I also vape it. no matter how you use it it works great. I'm going to put it on my monthly list here to make sure I have some when I need it. I also have angina and it helps there also. Thank you Natures's Love folks. I love you. you have made my daily activities smoother and painless. Bless you." Maria J.

Quality Products

"Thank you for the care that you put into creating your quality products. For the past few months I have been using your Nature's Love Hemp Topical Salve product. All too often, I have pain and stiffness in my joints. It is generally related to arthritis, but increased significantly after I began a required medical treatment.

I was originally using Aspercreme®, which did help some in the beginning. But when the aches and pains got worse, no over-the-counter product seemed to help. That's when I tried your Hemp Topical Salve. I find that it brings me relief very quickly and I especially appreciate that is has no intoxicating side effects." Kathleen N.

VERY Happy

”I'm using the orange-flavored drops. It appears to be working for me - I take a dropperfull first thing in the. morning when my lower back & right hip are the most stiff, and it keeps the pain at bay... My beloved has noticed a BIG difference in the way I walk, hold my body more erect, and I am not wearing a constant expression of pain on my face. It DID take a few days for my body to feel the effect when I first started using it. It's been several weeks now, and I'm only on my 2nd bottle...Bottom line for me - I am VERY happy to have my pain managed. A plus - it actually helps me relax at night, and helps me sleep” Lady F.