It's no secret that there is a disturbing lack of Quality in some of the Hemp Extract products on the market today. This is why we decided to take matters into our own hands through vertical integration in order to produce some of the Finest Hemp Extract Products available. We employ stringent quality standards and best practices from start to finish, yet we still insist on charging some of the most affordable prices in the industry.

Nature’s Love Hemp cultivars have been in development since 2014, to contain the richest Full Spectrum of active cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytochemicals. Our hemp is grown on our own farm with compassion, under strict sanitation guidelines, using only organic practices. We have now done our organic farming due diligence, and our farm is set to be Certified Organic for the 2017 harvest season! And don't worry, our products are 100% Non-Psychoactive.

At Nature's Love we are deeply passionate about the power contained within our Proprietary Cultivars of Hemp. Make the extracted essential oils of our Cultivars a part of your everyday life, and see what our hemp can do for you!

Image of Nature's Love Farm where we grow our organic hemp.


All of our Hemp is grown with pride and love right here in the USA.  We do not import "hemp paste" as many manufacturers do, which can have questionable quality and efficacy.

We conduct ongoing breeding projects employing several distinct Proprietary Hemp Cultivars, each carrying a unique spectrum of phytochemical compounds. And don't worry, we would never let a GMO anywhere near them!

We have held our farm to STRICT Organic practices for over 3 years now, and it looks like fortune is smiling upon us, as we are set to be Certified Organic for the 2017 harvest season. We're quite excited!



Picture of a group of trees that represent our deep respect for the power bestowed in our Proprietary Hemp Cultivars which is why is why our mission is to make our Superior Quality Hemp Extracts affordable.

We hold very deep respect for the power bestowed in the Hemp plant, and we believe everybody deserves the opportunity to experience that power for themselves.  This is why our mission is to make our Top Quality Hemp Extracts Affordable. We have achieved this through full vertical integration, we breed, test, farm, process, and manufacture all "in house" using our own rigorous standards coupled with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices.  This means no middle-men or markups are standing between you and Nature's Love.

We believe that Mother Nature is the force of intelligence, compassion, and divinity that composes life as we know it. We recognize that it is important now more than ever to reconnect with Mother Nature, in an increasingly synthetic, man-made world. At Nature's Love we have never attempted to "do it better" than Nature could, but we work hard every day to harness and deliver a little piece of Nature's Love to you.

An image of a 1% since Nature's Love donates one percent back to the planet on every sale.


A tough truth in our world is that Mother Nature's delicate balance is currently in tremendous peril. This is why we have decided to join the One Percent for the Planet community, a group of leading businesses working together in support of Non-Profit Organizations that are aimed at helping our Magnificent Planet! 

As a One Percent for the Planet Member, we give back one percent of every sale we make!